The Deepening

Jai Kartar has developed through deep inner communication, training in many disciplines and her own life experiences, a form inspired by the connection between form, feeling and consciousness and embodying deeply who we are, not only the awareness of ourselves called the Deepening.

She uses different methods, from sharing, psychological practises, constellations, breath work, meditations, music, dance, to activate your kundalini energy (our divine life force), so that you can know and embody your whole self.

Jai Kartar works often with women and has created a practise called the Deepening Woman, she teaches this all over the world holding a space for women to connect deeply with what it is for them to embody their own feminine. For workshops and events for this and her music, see the events page.

If you would like her to come and share this work in your area please write to hello@jaikartar.com